Singing Lessons

Over the past twenty years I have been lucky enough to coach hundreds of singers from all kinds of backgrounds and levels.

From this invaluable experience, I do believe that in these hours of teaching, mentoring and counselling, that the relationship is everything. If someone feels safe and not judged, they can grow, whether it is emotionally or vocally……I am not sure there is a difference.

As a performer myself, I have felt a definite empathy for my pupils and have never wanted anyone to feel pushed, or on the spot. I prefer to gradually build trust and confidence, providing an understanding of what they are doing technically and why. I like to think that I can equip them with the vital basics to progress on to wherever they hope to go with their singing, be it for fun or as a career.

My daughter has been having singing lessons with Tracy for almost 3 years and I’m amazed at the progress she has made.  Her confidence and ability has improved massively and it’s all down to the pupil/ teacher relationship that has developed between them.  Tracy creates a relaxed environment for the lesson and nurtures the student to bring out the most from them.  I would never have thought that my daughter would stand on a stage to perform in front of others but with Tracy’s caring encouragement and guidance she has performed at concerts including the Upton Jazz Festival.  I would not hesitate to recommend Tracy to anyone looking for singing lessons.

Donna Saunders

(Mum to Frankie )

Ruby Woo

 I started to join up small groups of teenage girls for vocal harmonies and the result was really good. In 2014 we had a large group singing at Upton Youth Jazz Festival and Ruby Woo was formed. We brought together musicians and female vocal harmonies with a modern slant on vintage songs (Puppini sisters and Postmodern Jukebox style). This led to professional gigs for some of the girls and a valuable experience of working on stage and presenting shows. 

Tracy, not only as a human, but as a teacher, has helped me through some of the most important stages of my training as a musical theatre actress, and of my life.

As a singing teacher she has amazing knowledge about technical singing and performance.  She is very patient and is always there to listen to you about any problems, be they professional or personal.

Without her place in my life I wouldn’t be performing all over the world like I am today.  What I have learned from her is patience, buckets of skills and the ability to never feel ashamed or embarrassed if I’m having a bad day vocally or within myself.

Cerys Lee-Jones

The Sweet Divas

I taught a lot of women that had great voices but as busy mums and with careers, they were unable to take it any further. Some of them lacked confidence to sing alone and in 2004 I decided to start a female vocal harmony group. I didn’t want it to feel like a choir and I wanted to sing a wide repertoire of songs from all different eras, with a modern touch. This gave my soloists a chance to sing with others and learn new harmonies. It has been such a positive experience and many life long friendships have been formed. More recently, mothers and daughters have joined us together and it is one of my proudest achievements.

Unfortunately, we are on hold due to Covid, but will definitely be back as soon as we can. 

Tracy is a fantastic leader.  A lot of the time Divas sing the harmonies and Tracy’s students sing the main parts but if you felt that you wanted to go for a solo, there would be nothing to stop you.  Tracy makes it so relaxing and fun.  Even on evenings when I’ve felt tired and not really in the mood, I always come home in a better mood than when I went. 

Louise Whittingham

Calling all male vocalists...

 I have also been lucky enough to coach some very talented young male vocalists, but this is quite a rarity compared to all the girls that look for singing lessons. We have worked through confidence issues, especially around the changing voice during teen years.


Tracy is an awesome vocal teacher- not only that, I saw her as a life coach!  She not only helps you to learn vocal techniques, but also helps you to learn life lessons.  I absolutely love Tracys’s personality- we always had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and yet we were still productive.  She is so encouraging and I always looked forward to having lessons with her.

Hayden Godbold

Age 25.

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