A little bit about me

I grew up wanting to be an actress, and at the age of fifteen I won a national talent show and suddenly became a professional ‘singer’. For fifteen years I worked all over the world, first as a soloist and then in various touring shows. It was a lot of fun and full of interesting experiences and people. This was a journey I had not imagined or even planned for, I was suddenly thrown into the world of performance. I had no choice but to rapidly learn the trade, I had the voice but struggled with my confidence at first. As the years and shows went by my experiences on and off stage, shaped my confidence and me as a person.

There were times when I tried other jobs, such as managing one of the biggest pubs in the West End of London, as I had decided I wanted to open an entertainment venue in London.

By the time I was thirty one I had both of my children and at that time, I became really interested in Life coaching and personal development. I gained a qualification in coaching and knew that I really wanted to pass on some of the valuable lessons I had learned that had helped me to find my voice and lose the inhibitions that only held me back.

In 2003, I decided that I would like to teach singing. I studied and after years of voice coaching lessons, knew that I had the knowledge and skills for the role. This is when my unique style of teaching was born. I have worked with hundreds of singers of all ages and abilities, helping to build confidence, vocal and technical skills, performance techniques, preparation for auditions and sometimes just for the pure enjoyment of singing.

Singing lessons can make a pupil feel quite vulnerable, especially in a one to one setting. It’s quite a scary experience at first for some. It takes a level of trust and a feeling of non-judgement to create a space that feels safe to explore our voices.

This valuable lesson in the therapeutic nature of this space then led me to train and study as a counsellor/psychotherapist. I am now building my own creative practice that encompasses the therapeutic benefits of music, art, journalling, talking therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, to enable young people to learn about,and express themselves.

Fun Facts

I spent approximately 200 nights on stage dressed as a female robot during a show.

When I was 23, I helped to manage the biggest pub in Covent Garden as I wanted to learn how to set up my own entertainment venue in the West End.

I was singing as Agnetha in an Abba show as my final professional engagement, and at six months pregnant with my daughter. She knows all the words to most Abba songs.

I once stood in front of an audience of 5000 people and couldn’t sing a note because I had a fit of the giggles.

On a ship in Finland /Sweden, I saw the Northern lights most nights….. But I didn’t know what they were and thought it was a big rave party in the north (should I admit to that ?)

The Gift of Music

This role has given me so many special gifts. I have experienced working on stage and the pride and complete joy of watching pupils grow in confidence in front of my eyes. I have also built a community of singers that has produced deep friendships and lifelong memories. I have felt the power of music, friendship and laughter and it has completely shaped my practice as a teacher, counsellor and coach.

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