Welcome to my website

Hi I’m Tracy Norman and I am multi-passionate about the things in life that keep our inner spark ignited. 

How I work

I understand the vulnerability that singing brings and combine my skills as a counsellor and psychotherapist with my technical singing skills.


Teaching singing has been such a passion in my life. I aim to see people grow in self confidence and to help them understand and find their true voice. 

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I studied to become a counsellor because as a voice coach, I very quickly realised the difference that could be made in someone’s world when they felt heard and listened to. It’s a total life changer. 

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About Me

‘We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are’ Anais Nin

 When you can accept yourself, the good …and the bad.. you can find peace.

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The Gift of Music

This role has given me so many special gifts. I have experienced working on stage and the pride and complete joy of watching pupils grow in confidence in front of my eyes. I have also built a community of singers that has produced deep friendships and lifelong memories. I have felt the power of music, friendship and laughter and it has completely shaped my practice as a teacher, counsellor and coach.